[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Re: Storage/Sleep Issues..

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Mon Jan 22 02:05:56 EET 2007
Igor Stoppa wrote:
> If you have time and the knowledge, I would recommend to try to do your
> fix and submit it as a patch that, without compromiising the original
> functionality, improves it, for example adding an option to the power
> menu.
> Then it will be probably easier to have your request satisfied.
> In the worst case i can assure you that you'll have at least one user
> (me =) for the patch.
I forgot to mention - my ideal solution when implementing 770-type "cover-on" functionality (bug #943) would *not* involve the Power button. Since the Power button is so small and recessed - with the obvious intention of making it physically hard to press - it is no longer a suitable button/interface candidate when attempting to rapidly put the N800 into a "cover-on" state.

Therefore, any solution should *not* include the Power button and only consider using a large, front-facing hardware button that is easy to press when in a hurry. Think of using the 770 right up until your bus or train pulls in, you can get up at the last second and slip on the 770 cover safe in the knowledge the device will be put into stand-by. Now, with the N800, you have to hunt around for a tiny Power button then press another button to select a menu option (which still doesn't disable wireless/BT!).

I don't know, but whoever doesn't think there is now a major usability issue with the N800 compared to the 770 either doesn't use public transport very often, or has never used a 770!


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