[maemo-users] [maemo-users] application catalog reviews

From: Ferenc Szekely ferenc at maemo.org
Date: Wed Jan 24 17:10:44 EET 2007
On 1/24/07, Jonathan Matthews-Levine <matthewslevine at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 1/24/07, Ferenc Szekely <ferenc at maemo.org> wrote:
> > I have written a manual and would like to
> > collect feedback from you:
> > http://test.maemo.org/applications/user-manual
> Very nice!  Here are my first thoughts, primarily from a consumer
> perspective.  I personally think this PoV is *very* important, having
> written user-manuals for (apparently) simple operations and tasks
> which I thought were as clear as possible, only to have inexperienced,
> confused and - yes - bloody minded users poke holes in my prose :-)
> I've not looked at the less consumer-oriented project admin sections
> ...
I was looking forward receiving comments like yours. Thanks a lot!

> __General Points__
> o Limit (but don't hard code!) the text width for better readability
The choice of documentation tool (wiki) is limiting us as far as the
layout is concerned. Perhaps some css fix could be applied.

> o Break the document into two; separate the "how to use a website"
> tutorial (Browsing/Searching/Installing) which "users" will read out
> from the "how to be a project admin" section
> (Adding/Changing/Deleting).  They are aimed at two very different
> audiences and the latter half of the document will only scare
> consumers ... :-)
Absolutely correct. Good idea.

> __Section-specific Points__
> * Introduction to Application Catalog
> o Don't make the link to the "old wiki based catalog" clickable.  Put
> the URL after it for reference, but don't provide an easy way to
> revert to the old, un-updated mechanism.
> o The third sentence has a typo: "at the end of 2<006,"
> o The fifth sentence should read "if you could enter your feedbacks IN
> our issue tracker"
> o Consider making the "maemo2midgard-discussion" link a mailto: link,
> with the mailman interface link in brackets at the end of the
> sentence.
Yep, good points.

> * Overview
> o Use full sentences (Think Of The Children^WConsumers!) ("Browse
> through the list of all available applications" vs "browse
> applications", etc.)
> o Link the verbs through to the appropriate section.

> * Installation with install file
> o "make sure that it matches the operating system version" - how, as a
> consumer?  Are there any (well, I *know* there are!) rules of thumb
> they can apply?
Yes, sure there are. I will add info on how to check the OS versions
on the tablets.

> o "Applications that are placed in a proper "Debian style" repository
> can have "install files" and making the single click installation
> possible" - consumers don't care.  This is more appropriate in the
> "Adding a project" section, as it's a developer's choice, not a user's
> ...

> * Installation without install file
> o Tidy this section up.  Use more whitespace.  Perhaps make a
> screenshot trail.  It will probably be one of the most frequently used
> sections by consumers and, as such, *very* obvious/clear/pretty
> instructions will really help this audience to get the most out of
> their device.
I agree. Although it is difficult to write a generic "how-to" for
these applications. As you probably know many apps can be installed by
a single deb file, but a lot of them need other packages to be
installed first. Even these dependencies may have further dependencies
sometimes.. So it is a real nightmare from user point of view.
The screenshot tail is a good idea. I wonder if there is and applet
already for N800 to take screenshots :)

> HTH,
> Jonathan
Absolutely, thank you. I will work on the updates now and will keep you posted.


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