[maemo-users] brightness Re: [maemo-users] Re: Storage/Sleep Issues..

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Wed Jan 24 18:34:17 EET 2007
Karl Bellve wrote:
> Igor Stoppa wrote:
>> Power saving is not so important when the _energy_ wasted is so little
>> and for an event which is supposed to happen very seldom (you don't turn
>> off your device, don't you?).
> Every time it crashes! :-)
> When using the Nokia at night, while watching TV in a dark room, the 
> nokia can be absurdly bright during its reboot process. So bright, I 
> have to face the nokia down on the couch while it reboots. So, the 
> bright light is over whelming when you have the nokia set to its dimmest 
> level because your eyes have adjusted to the dark.

Exactly. That is my second (and maybe bigger) concern. Reboot or crash 
at night is not a pleasant thing. While it is supposed to happen very 
seldom in reality it is not such rare event. And the backligh really 
does not consume significant power? I thought it can be half of power 
consumption on such devices. It was like that on ipaq 3870 I had. I 
remeber something like 80mA when display off ~130mA minimum brightness 
~200mA full brightness, ~300mA full brightness + 100%CPU (not sure about 
exact values, it is long time ago, it was available as file in /proc in 
Familiar linux). On N770 I cannot check easily since some parts of power 
management is ... guess what? There is this myth about hidden power 
management ;-)

But anyway is there some real reason while the default cannot be much 
lower until device boots to the point where user specified setting is 


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