[maemo-users] (Fwd) Re: [maemo-users] A scary story with a happy ending

From: klaus at rotters.de klaus at rotters.de
Date: Thu Jan 25 02:59:36 EET 2007
Marius Gedminas wrote:
> I installed bomberman 0.99 now.  It works.


> During installation it asks me to choose a menu location, and offers
> "Extras" by default.  It would be better to offer "Games" by default --

Hm... I installed it also today ;-) and I remember it asks for "Games". Two 
possible reasons:
Maybe it is because I use 2006-39-14 and you not (just guessing) or 
application installer remembers the place where a package was installed 
before. Don't know...

> and I've seen games that do that.  It would be best to not distract the
> user with silly questions and always add the menu item in the Games
> menu.

Anyone from nokia/maemo team who knows the answer?

 Klaus Rotter * klaus <at> rotters <dot> de * www.rotters.de

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