[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Card reader errors across multiple devices - bad N800 production line batche?

From: Kon Wilms kon at geopacket.com
Date: Thu Jan 25 04:39:36 EET 2007

I purchased N800 #1 and tested a 'known to work' 4Gb Transcend 150x SD
(non-HC) card on it.

Formatting and then initializing with swap corrupted the card. I dosfsck'd
it under Linux and the report was a corrupted header. If I fix it and put it
back in the N800 it is readable. The N800 is unable to format it without
corrupting it.

So I figured the N800 was maybe bad. I returned to CompUSA who replaced it
with N800 #2. The new one has the same issue.

The kicker is that the last octet of the MAC address differs by about 5. So
this leads me to believe that both of these were from the same production

The internal and external readers have the same problems.

This card works without problems in a camera, garmin, phone, 3 desktop and 1
laptop-integrated card readers (one being around 2 years old, the others
being newer).

The device hw version on these two is 1301.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Could we have a h/w rev or faulty
batch of card readers here?

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