[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Some Thoughts Regarding IT OS 2007 and the N800

From: Jonathan Greene atmasphere at atmasphere.net
Date: Thu Jan 25 22:14:12 EET 2007
Some thoughts on your notes...

On 1/25/07, Dr. Nicholas Shaw <Doc at docharley.com> wrote:
> I like the N800 keyboards; however, what I don't like is that when I select
> anything that requires the keyboard, it doesn't automatically appear unless
> I take some action (usually highlighting an existing word that is already
> highlighted or tapping the screen where there is nothing).  This is
> inefficient.  Either the keyboard should appear automatically or one of the
> hard keys/buttons should activate the keyboard (or at least I should be able
> to re-program a hard key to activate the keyboard).

If you tap a text area with your finger, it should pop open the
kayboard - with the stylus and you get the smaller one.  If you get
the stylus and want the fuller keyboard, press the center button on
the D-Pad.  You might have to set that in prefs, but it works for me
like that by default.

> The N800 backup program is adequate for simple backups; however, it should
> include the ability to backup the storage cards and provide some level of
> compression.  For example, I have two 2GB storage cards.  On one I do
> backups.  On the other I have photos, etc.  I should be able to backup one
> card to the other.  And I should be able to select backup of applications,
> etc.

Agree -- would love to backup apps.  After a reflash, you have to
install everything again.  It's great to save your prefs etc, but
getting the apps back would be very nice.  I'd like to have the backup
be something you could schedule -- on my Palm's I used BackupMan and
had it run each night at 1am.

> The N800 contacts program is almost an adequate program.  It enables one to
> add numerous fields; however, it doesn't have any address capability.  I
> don't know of any functional contacts program that doesn't provide for
> including addresses (well, I do now…).

Thought it was lame on the 770 and have resolved not to really use it
on the 800 until there's a more robust PIM.  GPE is close...

> I do a lot of international travel and thus like to use the 24-hour clock,
> e.g. 1300 for 1:00PM, 1400 for 2:00PM, etc.  This is the first OS I've
> encountered that doesn't allow for 12- or 24-hour clocks.  I'd like to see
> that changed.

no comment.

> As noted earlier, the Control Panel should, under Navigation, include the
> ability to re-assign functionality to the hard keys.  I don't actually use
> these keys except to play a game or to re-activate the screen/keys after
> hibernation.

Excellent suggestion!

> I do like the sketch program and it's ability to become larger.  I use it a
> lot in meetings.
> Battery life on the N800, in comparison to a Palm, is awesome and I agree
> with what others have written about leaving the device on but locking the
> keys.  Excellent!
> For an Internet Tablet, e-mail is a major component.  Unless I'm missing
> something, there is no option to delete all e-mails or even to select
> several e-mails and delete them.  For example, I subscribe to two newsgroups
> and regularly receive lots of e-mails.  In my office I scan the headers to
> see which are important and delete the rest.  I do the same with the N800
> except I have to delete each e-mail one-by-one.  That's tedious and
> inefficient.

Agree - had that issue previously on the 770 as well.  I currently use
Gmail in the browser.

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