[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Google Calendar to GPE-Calendar.. the easy way

From: David slugplayer at free.fr
Date: Fri Jan 26 12:53:26 EET 2007
Jonathan Greene wrote:
> http://www.atmasphere.net/wp/archives/2007/01/25/getting-google-calendar-on-your-nokia-tablet 
> I've filed bug reports for the issues I've noted in my post and hope
> development gets going as more of us clearly want both a stronger PIM
> option...
I tried this :
The google calendar appear in GPE Calendar.
But after 3 second, the GPE Calendar closes itself ?

So each time I launch GPE Calendar, the application closed itself after 
3 seconds.
I have delete the file : /home/user/.gpe/calendar


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