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From: David slugplayer at free.fr
Date: Fri Jan 26 13:09:47 EET 2007
Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:
> I’m interested in the community’s thoughts. I have a N800 and am 
> currently using gpe-todo and gpe-contacts and I tried gpe-calendar 
> (very short period). I sent my observations/thoughts/recommendations 
> to George France but thought I’d put some of them here to see if I’m 
> really off base or if others have similar thoughts. I’ve listed the 
> programs in the order (my order) of completeness. I do realize that 
> only gpe-todo has been listed for IT OS 07.
>    1. gpe-todo
>          1. I like gpe-todo more than the Palm todo program.
>          2. I like the fact that the categories are shared amongst
>             three programs (todo, calendar, contacts); however, they
>             are unsorted. The contacts should, ideally, be
>             automatically sorted or, as a minimum, allow them to be
>             sorted.
>          3. I see no value in the status display. If I tap the block,
>             a mark appears indicating it’s in progress. If I tap it
>             twice, a line goes through the task indicating it’s
>             complete. Thus, I see the status display as being
>             redundant and taking up real estate. By removing the
>             status, there’s more room for summary text.
>          4. When entering a new todo item and checking the “Due:”, you
>             can choose a date by double-tapping the date you want. I’d
>             prefer to be able to just single tap.
>    2. gpe-contacts
>          1. This program has much potential. I like the ability to
>             choose from the alphabet on the side and all entries that
>             fall within that range appear. I also like the ability to
>             display entries based upon category (I missed this when I
>             wrote to George).
>          2. I would either eliminate the image or move it to a
>             separate tab. With the open area for “Personal”, I would
>             break the name into two separate entries, “Last” and
>             “First” and then sort on the “Last” field. I would also
>             include a field in this tab called, “Business” and sort on
>             the first word. While there appear to be unexplained
>             exceptions, business names sort on the last name. Thus,
>             for example, AFA Orthopedic Clinic had to become,
>             “Orthopedic Clinic AFA” in order to sort correctly.
>          3. I wouldn’t create redundant entries for home and office
>             but instead, like the Contacts program that comes with the
>             N800, enable the creation of new fields that would
>             include, for example, “Home”, “FAX”, Mobile”, “Work”, etc.
>             Thus, the user could create, if needed, two mobile number
>             fields, or two business fields, etc.
>          4. The address field should be multiple address fields, e.g.
>             street1, street2, city/province, state, zip, country, etc.
>             The “mail” and “web” fields would be new fields as
>             required as in the Contacts program that comes with the N800.
>          5. Names of people and names of business, once sorted, should
>             appear in proper order, e.g. “Bank of America” would
>             follow “Frank Arnold.”
>    3. gpe-calendar - This program kept causing problems with IT OS 07
>       so I had to remove it; however, it looked like it would do the job.
>    4. gpe-syncd – I have not been able to install this so don’t know
>       how well it will sync the above programs with data on my computer.
> Regards,
> Nick Shaw
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Are there tips or tools to synchronize gpe-contacts and osso-addressbook ? :
With the default email application, I can't use gpe contacts

So, we have to manage two contacts databases :
osso-addressbook and GPE contacs.


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