[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Some Thoughts Regarding IT OS 2007 and the N800

From: Simon Pickering S.G.Pickering at bath.ac.uk
Date: Fri Jan 26 18:03:19 EET 2007
 > >I'd vote for the ability to change that as even some English 
> people use 
> >24hr clocks (when they can) ;)
> >
> >Speaking of which, would it be that much extra effort to let people 
> >change the individual regional settings (e.g. decimal 
> separator, date 
> >format). I can think of times when one might want to not have this 
> >specified (e.g. If I were an American living in Germany I 
> might always 
> >want to use a US style date, but also a comma as a decimal 
> separator). 
> >I'm sure there must be better illustrations that that one mind you!
> In general:
> Customizability is very nice, but how to implement that in 
> clean simple way btw? 
> Meaning so that it does not increase
> too much complexity for those who don't want to customize?

Agreed, there's certainly no desire to confuse users. Therefore, what about
one of those funny little buttons (like the "Advanced" one in the connection
settings), which says something like "Customise" on the regional settings
page (the one that lists date format, decimal separator, etc. - sorry if the
dialog name is wrong, don't have my N800 in front of me atm).



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