[maemo-users] [maemo-users] audio format experiences on n770

From: klaus at rotters.de klaus at rotters.de
Date: Fri Jan 26 21:44:15 EET 2007
On 1/26/2007 Jorge Salamero Sanz wrote:
> mp3 => 2-4% cpu usage
> vorbis => 18-22% cpu usage
> mpc => 94% cpu usage and sounds scratched (i've compiled libmpcdec3 and 
> gstreamer-0.10-plugins-bad)

Hm... correct me if I am wrong (don't know exactly), but maybe its because
mp3 main decoding threat is running on the DSP side of the OMAP cpu and
vorbis & mpc are running on the ARM side, so of course they need a lot of 
ARM cpu power.
Or ist there already a DSP'd version of the ogg codec available?

 Klaus Rotter * klaus <at> rotters <dot> de * www.rotters.de

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