[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Premium eBooks?

From: Mike Lococo mpl22 at cornell.edu
Date: Fri Jan 26 23:07:15 EET 2007

> Fair enough - was just wondering what others were doing.

I think the consensus is that we're getting content from any one of the 
many sources that do not encumber it with copy protection.  Obviously 
this does limit choice of content, but the alternative is having limited 
choice of reading platforms (or finding unsupported ways of stripping 
the DRM, as you noted in your last message).

My favorite content sources are:
http://podiobooks.com/ (audio books instead of text, contemporary work)
http://librivox.org/ (audio books, classic out of copyright work)
http://archive.org/ (all kinds of stuff, including classic movies)

I would also reinforce the importance of asking for 770 ports from your 
favorite eBook stores.  I think the 770 is the best reading device on 
the market, and I find it odd that it hasn't gotten more support from 
the commercial eBook folks.


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