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From: sebastian maemo sebastian.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Sat Jan 27 00:18:30 EET 2007
Hi Wahlau:

"minimo" package is necessary only for a matter of dependencies. That is,
you need the libraries that come with minimo, but you are going to use the
default browser pre-installed in your 770. I don't usually run minimo

So you run your pre-installed browser (that is an Opera version), and go to
the maps.google.com webpage. You don't need to install anything. If you
wait a few seconds for the webpage to download, you'll see the typical map
view and even satellite or hybrid view if you like. I've made
some pictures and want to upload, but don't know how. I've uploaded it to a
Yahoo Group, but I don't like it because you must be member of the group to
look at the pictures. Anybody could help me to upload these pics to a
blogger? The Yahoo address is the following:

2007/1/26, Wahlau - <wahlau at gmail.com>:
> HI Sebas,
> thanks for your hint... since if not because of your blog, i would
> have not tried installing java on the 770 now. btw, mine works too...
> together with some tests AWT from Andrew.
> many have asked about using java applets.. which i myself have no
> idea. it would be nice if you can tell which browser you use, and how
> you download google map and stuffs...
> i might perhaps write up a little on the whole thing once i have the
> time, once. :)
> regards,
> wahlau
> On 26/01/07, sebastian maemo <sebastian.maemo at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi, this is Sebas. I posted a blog comment where I told how I installed
> a
> > JVM in my 770. I'm new in this list, so I cannot comment the previous
> > thread. But just to tell Wahlau and others that it really works. I can
> > download Google Maps (not the Mobile version, but the standard PC one),
> > access my Java-enabled bank account webpage, and others. I think the
> ports
> > were developed by a nice guy called Alexander. I think he's developing
> many
> > things at the Garage. Anyway thank him very much. The packages are not
> well
> > packaged :) So that it is not easy to install them, because the
> application
> > manager cannot do it. You must use dpkg from an x-term. If you find it a
> > difficult task just let me know. Ah, it's important to have installed
> the
> > "minimo" package previously.
> >
> > Salut.
> > Sebas.
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