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From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Sat Jan 27 16:44:49 EET 2007
Now that's sad.

As has been noted several times on this forum, the N770/N800 have far more
utility than, I believe, Nokia realizes.  I also don't think Nokia realizes
that their Internet Tablet is, in fact, a mini-computer capable of all
manner of things.  As such, its operating system (OS) deserves the attention
given to OS' by other such manufacturers.

In the early 80s, IBM developed the PC as an experiment.  That experiment
met the needs of a lot of people and turned into the greatest computing
platform ever.  A key partner to that success was the OS. 

Nokia can either limit the Internet Tablets utility by focusing on only one
aspect and retiring older models much like their phones or wake up and see
the potential which means these devices will not become outdated after, say,
18 months (this was a comment made by a Nokia leader in another forum).  The
first approach could generate revenue well beyond their expectations but
requires more care, attention, and commitment.  The second will alienate the
community that is currently developing for them and that will likely result
in lower revenue and the conclusion in Nokia that the tablets are just a
niche device.

Lastly, should Nokia conclude that they want to take the path that their
devices are mini-computers with great potential then they need to alter how
they release their next Internet Tablet.  Specifically, they need to bring
in the development community and 3rd party product manufacturers to ensure
that, upon release, sufficient applications and accessories are available
when the product is released.  Using an example from another small yet
powerful device, the PSP (Sony Play Station Portable), upon release there
were numerous cases available, extra batteries, car kits, etc.  While not a
lot of games were available, there were at least ten and there were even
some movies available.  Without those, I doubt the PSP would have taken off
as it did.  Another contributor wrote that, unfortunately, the N800 is still
largely a developer device.  I think that says it all very well.

Nick Shaw
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Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:
> Jakub,
> Regarding 12- 24-hour time, I recommend, for the next update, you provide
> the ability of the user to choose which they desire.  Military personnel
> the US, for example, use a 24-hour clock as do many international
> corporations.  Visitors to the US may see the N800 and decide to purchase
> one at a local CompUSA and be disappointed that it uses US time.  
> Regards,
> Nick Shaw

A bug/enhancement request for precisely this issue has been in Maemo
Bugzilla since the original OS 2005 release (November 2005!). Three major
iterations of the OS later, and still no improvement. :(


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