[maemo-users] [maemo-users] navigation kit + bundle with the N800?

From: Richard Booth richard.booth at bigfoot.com
Date: Sat Jan 27 22:05:56 EET 2007
Hi all
Does anyone know if the Navigation kit for the N800 will also be offered as a 
'bundle' with a N800 tablet?
I initially thought it was, after reading the Navicore press release,
Navicore Personal 2007 navigation software will be available for the Nokia 
N800 Internet Tablet as a standalone Navigation Kit that includes the 
software along with a GPS receiver module and car holder, and it will also be 
available as a complete all-in-one Navigation Bundle that includes the Nokia 
N800 Internet Tablet in addition to the Navicore Personal software and GPS 
receiver. The Navigation Kit for Nokia N800 Internet Tablet and the 
Navigation Bundle is estimated to be available in March 2007 at selected 
outlets and Nokia online through www.nokia.com. 

However going to the Navicore site today I can see the text about the bundle 
has been removed. 

Does anyone know if it will be included? Or did Navicore make a mistake and 
thus changed their press release?  

PS Apologies for cross posting here and on ITT, I figured maybe more Nokia 
guys here that might now if the bundle will be offered. 

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