[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Premium eBooks?

From: Bob Crawford crawdad at powerclam.com
Date: Mon Jan 29 10:49:03 EET 2007
mitcheloc wrote:
> Sorry if this has been answered before, I just joined the maemo-users
> list and looked up the this thread to see if I missed this but didn't
> see an answer...
> What software can we use to read the eBooks on the N800? Is it common
> practice to convert the text document to a PDF and then transfer it to
> the device? I'm interested in offline reading, not online through
> Opera.
I can't speak for COMMON practice, but I convert FROM pdf INTO plaintext.
I've yet to see a small-device PDFreader which wasn't a complete dog.
The FBReader program is rather nice, though I prefer to just use the
text editor. (leafpad, actually)
FBReader handles various formats, including HTML files for when you
simply can't live without italics, bold, etc.

As for the newsgroups below - they're not suitable for online reading.
They carry binary attachments which are downloaded and then used on the
device of your choosing.
Files posted are in various formats, most common being plaintext, html,
and pdf, though more "exotic" formats also appear frequently. Be
prepared to convert to your chosen format.

>> alt.binaries.e-book and
>> alt.binaries.e-books
>> have provided an embarrassment of riches over time.

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