[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Some Thoughts Regarding IT OS 2007 and the N800

From: James Polley maemo at zhasper.com
Date: Mon Jan 29 12:11:23 EET 2007
On 29/01/07, Jakub.Pavelek at nokia.com <Jakub.Pavelek at nokia.com> wrote:
> >On 1/26/07, Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com
> ><Karoliina.T.Salminen at nokia.com> wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >> In general:
> >> Customizability is very nice, but how to implement that in clean
> >> simple way btw?
> >> Meaning so that it does not increase
> >> too much complexity for those who don't want to customize?
> >
> >Seems pretty staightforward to me. Have a "Custom" option in
> >the "Language & region" -> "Regional Settings" dropdown menu
> >that turns all the various settings into dropdown menus
> >containing all the options you use elsewhere for that
> >particular setting ... and include a time format in that list.
> >
> >/Mike
> Hi,
> Why do you want the 24 hour clock for UK/US users? Is it just for the
> clock application or do you equally strongly need to have 24 hour clock
> when file manager shows file timestaps or email shows the received
> time(date) field, etc.?

I'd like 24-hour clock everywhere - as it currently is on my phone, my
laptops, my desktops, my servers....
> If you are running the UI in English but living in e.g. Germany you
> could also just go to the Control Panel, launch "Language and region"
> applet, set your UI to English, your regional settings to Deutchland and
> off you go.

I'm living in Australia.

I'm not going to set my regional settings to Deutschland because
having a , where I expect a . confuses me.

Do you have a solution for me?
> I do not see this as something that would be high enough on our agenda
> right now.

I don't see why this hasn't been done already. It's been done on
everything else I own, even my phones.

Perhaps it would help if you could give us some background on why you
feel this is such a hard problem to solve. It sounds as though there's
been plenty of internal discussion about this - perhaps if we
understood the background we'd be less upset, or perhaps even able to
offer some solutions.

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