[maemo-users] [maemo-users] Some Thoughts Regarding IT OS 2007 and the N800

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Mon Jan 29 17:06:32 EET 2007

I mean no offense but... if we have to explain it...  

A user shouldn't have to explain WHY they would like to see their time in a
different way.  I know of no OS, to include Linux, that doesn't allow you to
make that change.

I, for example, am a military officer and we deal in 24-hour time.  I
shouldn't have to switch regions.  I also travel a lot around the world.
Again, I shouldn't have to switch regions to gain a feature that exists in
the very OS you've ported.

Nick Shaw

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>> Hi,
>> In general:
>> Customizability is very nice, but how to implement that in clean 
>> simple way btw?
>> Meaning so that it does not increase
>> too much complexity for those who don't want to customize?
>Seems pretty staightforward to me. Have a "Custom" option in 
>the "Language & region" -> "Regional Settings" dropdown menu 
>that turns all the various settings into dropdown menus 
>containing all the options you use elsewhere for that 
>particular setting ... and include a time format in that list.


Why do you want the 24 hour clock for UK/US users? Is it just for the
clock application or do you equally strongly need to have 24 hour clock
when file manager shows file timestaps or email shows the received
time(date) field, etc.? 

If you are running the UI in English but living in e.g. Germany you
could also just go to the Control Panel, launch "Language and region"
applet, set your UI to English, your regional settings to Deutchland and
off you go. 

I do not see this as something that would be high enough on our agenda
right now.




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