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From: Jonathan Greene atmasphere at atmasphere.net
Date: Mon Jan 29 23:33:33 EET 2007
Thanks for the tip - I'll file with each as appropriate.

I still think having some guidelines - perhaps not mandatory - would
be well advised.  I believe Apple has UI guidelines which are usually
well respected and enable a certain familiarity to users as you open
something for the first time.

On 1/29/07, Mike Lococo <mpl22 at cornell.edu> wrote:
> Jonathan,
> > It seems there is no standard for how developers design home screen
> > applets.  I'd like to see there be a mandatory resize function so you
> > could make sure that things could be smaller or larger as needed.  Two
> > examples are the GPE-Calendar and Canola applets which I'd make
> > smaller.
> In the open source world, it's fairly difficult to enforce mandatory
> standards.  Your best bet is to submit an enhancement bug to each of the
> projects you'd like to see improved.
> GPE has their issue tracker at this address:
> http://bugzilla.handhelds.org/
> I'm not sure about Canola, their issue tracker may be at
> garage.maemo.org, or it may be somewhere else, or it may just be the
> author's email address.
> Thanks,
> Mike
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