[maemo-users] [maemo-users] audio format experiences on n770

From: klaus at rotters.de klaus at rotters.de
Date: Tue Jan 30 14:54:25 EET 2007
01/28/2007 Sebastián wrote:
> I've been told that 64kbps .ogg files are as good as 128kbps .mp3 files. Is that true?

I can't say that this is true. It is more like 80-85 kbit/s ogg sound like 128 kbit/s mp3s. It also 
depends on the audio material. A nice test are cymbals. There are also some bad mp3 
encoders around. If you enable vbr with mp3 you can also gain some sound quality.

The big adavantage of ogg is at low bit rates. I am encoding my audio books about 18-20 
kbit/s vbr, mostly in 22050 Hz samplerate and mono in ogg format. This sounds o.k. for me. 
an alternative would be aac. I did some tests with the Nero AAC encoder 
http://www.nero.com/nerodigital/eng/Nero_Digital_Audio.html which also produces nice to 
hear audiobooks at low (18-20 kbit/s) bitrates. I sometimes think even a little bit better at 16 
kbit/s than ogg at the same. Unfortunatly Nero AAC produces .mp4 files which can not be 
handelt by 770's audio player. You have to demux the audio stream out of the .mp4 
container. I used mp4ui for it. Maybe I wouldn't miss ogg that much if we would have a nice 
(free) aac batch converter. Any ideas?

 Klaus Rotter * klaus <at> rotters <dot> de * www.rotters.de

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