[maemo-users] [maemo-users] metalayer-crawler

From: Eero Tamminen eero.tamminen at nokia.com
Date: Tue Jan 30 17:44:17 EET 2007

ext william maddler wrote:
>>> first of all I have to say that I am *very* impressed by the N800, great
>>>  device!
>>> By the way, I just found metalayer-crawler0 is eating up a lot of CPU, I
>>> have 4 processes, and at least one is eating at least 50% of my CPU, all
>>> the time.
>> How did you trigger that (what did you do before that)?
> The only thing I can think of, is placing a 1GB MMC in external slot.
>> Did it eventually stop using the CPU (without rebooting)
>> i.e. is this a temporary problem?
> No, I waited about an hour, and the process was still there.

Ok, then it's definitely a bug, not "just" a performance issue.

>> If you reboot, can you get it again to consume that much CPU
>> i.e. is the problem (easily) re-producable?
> It starts consuming CPU as soon as it starts, and keeps going.

But only if your MMC is in when you reboot?
Does "dmesg" tell anything?

What happens if you remove MMC?
Does the device complain that your MMC is in use?

If it does, what is the output of following:
   for pid in $(pidof metalayer-crawler); do ls -l /proc/$pid/fd; done
(Does it list any files from the MMC?)

>> Could you file a bug to Maemo bugzilla about this (with the above info)
>> and send link to the bug here?
> Sure, I was only trying if that was my fault or a real bug.

Please attach also result of this (contents of MMC triggering
the bug):
	ls -lR /media/mmc1/
to the bug report.

AFAIK the crawler digs out extra information from some file types and it
might be some specific file that is triggering the problem (e.g. because
the file is broken in some specific way which triggers a bug in
crawler), or the amount of files (e.g. of certain types).

>>> [...]
>>> 1) Has anyone else experienced same problem.
>>> 2) Could the absence of the daemon, be a problem for other applications
>>> (i.e. Media Player)?
>> Not sure, but I think Mediaplayer gets the files in its "library"
>> from the crawler database.
> I'll try then


	- Eero

PS. I tried triggering the bug by creating some partial mp3 files:
cd /home/user/MyDocs/.sounds/;
for i in $(seq 20); do
dd bs=102400 count=$i if=Road_To_Ruin.mp3 of=$out;

And re-inserting the MMC, but at least that didn't trigger the bug.

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