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From: Rick Prelinger rick at well.com
Date: Tue Jan 30 21:06:17 EET 2007
Greetings --

I'm interested in using the N800 as a reader for the vast collections of scanned books that are starting to appear online through organizations associated with the Open Content Alliance and through Google Book Search.

At the Internet Archive (IA), we currently have 147,000 public domain books available for free downloading and reading.  Google won't disclose how many volumes it's made available in downloadable pdf form, but it looks as if there are certainly several hundreds of thousands of books there.  This poses a great opportunity for tablet users.

With regard to our IA books, we offer a number of formats.  Let's use this 1931 book on television as an example:


If you look on the left side of the page, you'll see that we offer DjVu, PDF, and .txt (all downloadable and readable offline), and what we call the "FlipBook," an interactive reader that requires an online connection.

The FlipBook works fine with my N800 through the browser, so that is basically no problem. 

What I'd like to do is figure out how to make the PDFs more usable.  Though mid-size PDFs (under 8 or 10 MB) work ok with the bundled PDF reader, it takes as many as 30 sec., sometimes more, to turn a page.  I gather this is a memory management issue.  In fact, until I enabled VM, it was impossible to open a PDF.  (However, I have no problem playing a 221 MB video file through the media player.)

Would anyone have any thoughts about how to improve PDF handling?  I would prefer to avoid DjVu, if at all possible.  If there was a way to optimize PDF Reader, I think we have a wonderful e-book platform here.

Thanks, and all best

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