[maemo-users] HP iPAQ BT keyboard

From: Willie McKemie mckemie+maemo at spamcop.net
Date: Tue Jul 3 17:00:01 EEST 2007
On Mon, Jul 02, 2007 at 09:04:31PM +0200, Frantisek Dufka wrote:
> Willie McKemie wrote:
> > Can someone tell my what I'm 
> >doing wrong?
> Perhaps going onward through the fog without consulting manual or doing 
> basic google search? ;-)
> http://www.google.com/search?q=n800+HP+iPAQ+BT+keyboard

HOT DAMN!  Worked a treat!  Muchias gracias!  I've been diddling with 
BT keyboards on 770/800 for a YEAR, on and off.  Finally, one works.  
Especially nice is that the N800 display lights when a BT keyboard key 
is pressed.

I find that the N800/BusyBox does not have wget.  Not seeing a real 
easy way to download kbdd.tar.gz in a term on the  N800, I downloaded 
to a Ubuntu box using wget and then used the N800's mc to copy it over 
with "Shell Link".  From there, everything went exactly as advertised.

I wonder what's wrong the the "out of the box" setup?

I wonder if I can now get my big microsoft brand BT keyboard to work?

Willie, ONWARD!  Through the fog!
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