[maemo-users] Hardware wishlist?

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Wed Jul 4 20:03:50 EEST 2007
My only question right now concerning hardware is:


It would be a huge shame if it's cancelled, but I'd like to know rather than be left in the dark... this was promised, so where is it?

Can someone from Nokia (I know this is the Maemo mailing list, but I don't have any other Nokia contacts...) give us an update on this product which was promised on launch day and only goes some way to replacing the 770's case, so without it the N800 is a _big_ step backwards in terms of design.

Unfortunately the problems with the Case sum up some of the problems with Nokia - promises are made, followed by a lack of delivery on those promises, and then silence about what went wrong.

Thank you! :)

1. http://www.expansys.com/p.aspx?i=144920

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