[maemo-users] Role of maemo i.e. in Re: Fwd: Skype on N800

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Wed Jul 4 21:10:23 EEST 2007
Quim Gil wrote:
> Now, a question and a long thought for the maemo lovers:
> What do you think we should do? Bring the Nokia devices/commercial
> agenda also here or keep maemo apart from that?
I guess until other non-Nokia Maemo-based devices exist (mid 2008?), Maemo == Nokia and vice versa.

For the time being, the Maemo mailing lists are the only direct means of communication I/we have with Nokia personnel that are directly involved with software (and to a lesser extent, hardware) development.

If Nokia Internet Tablet staff wish that the Maemo mailing lists are kept platform neutral perhaps it would be a good idea if they created their own mailing list where we could post questions, suggestions and direct feedback concerning the products they are responsible for. Mailing lists seem to provide a more "intimate" relationship between users/community and developers, far more so than submitting questions to a web site which may or may not receive a reply.

Perhaps comp.handhelds.maemo.users.nokia to handle Nokia specific discussion?

> In the meantime Tableteer (Nokia official site for end users) has a
> feedback channel while http://www.womworld.com/nseries/category/n800/
> (unofficial but sponsored by Nokia Nseries, I'm sure they read the
> comments)

The only feedback related link I could find on that site (Contact Us) seems to be related to site content, rather than feedback about specific devices or other queries. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough, I'd like to know what's happened to the Case... :)

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