[maemo-users] Gmail notifier

From: MoRpHeUz morpheuz at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jul 5 11:48:45 EEST 2007
Well, it should use SSL using https://

If I'm not wrong, it uses SSL for *login* by default and http:// for
the session. The only problem is that your session could be captured
and also the emails that you are reading, that would let an attacker
to get into your account.

The best way of doing things would be using SSL the whole time.


On 7/5/07, michaelnt at gmail.com <michaelnt at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>     When travelling with my n800 i sometimes connect to an unknown an
> 'un-trusted' wlan. The gmail notifier is i think sending my gmail password
> across this link in plain text. Do people agree that this is a bad thing?
>  Is there a way to change this?
>  Is the source available?
>  Thanks Michael
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