[maemo-users] Web browser optimized mode "highlighting"

From: Richard Brackett rbrackett at securityvolition.com
Date: Fri Jul 6 04:27:19 EEST 2007
I'm new to the N770 so I hadn't seen this before. I'm running the latest
2006 tablet OS version (3.2006.49-2). I have an e-book in HTML format
that I've been reading on the device for  a few days now. Today when I
booted the tablet from a powered-off state and loaded the book into the
browser all of the text was highlighted in black so that you couldn't
read the text. If I left optimized mode the page displayed correctly
with the exception of display width, the highlighting disappeared.  I
powered off and back on again and now the text is highlighted in green
instead of black, which is at least readable. As previously, if I leave
optimized viewing the highlighting vanishes and returns with optimized
mode. So far I've only added an Xterm application and Remote Desktop for
applications, other than that it's factory fresh.


I don't see any browser options related to optimization in the GUI.
Anyone have any ideas?



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