[maemo-users] What can I use my N800 for?

From: Acadia Secure Networks acadiasecurenets at aol.com
Date: Fri Jul 6 05:49:36 EEST 2007

thanks for sharing the info re Gizmo + Asterisk. Supporting Asterisk was 
a smart move for the Gizmo team. For those interested to learn more here 
is the url to the www page at the Gizmo project www site that discusses 
Asterisk interoperability:


Best Regards,


John Holmblad


Acadia Secure Networks

Kahlil Johnson wrote:
> N770 is a much under power device compared to your linux desktop. Also 
> the video that comes with the n770 is the one that puts a lot of buts. 
> Fortunately this is free software and there is already Mplayer for the 
> N770. Mplayer will play much more formats with less hassle since it 
> has resizing capabilities.
> However making N770 videos is not that hard. N770 plays Xvid videos 
> pretty much, so you will have to export as xvid. But also if you have 
> mythtv box you will be able to encode 'on the fly' to the n770.
> There are also other scripts that will help you resize and re-format 
> your video such as mencoder and ffmpeg. The tutorials are on the maemo 
> website. 3rd party scripts include a perl script to easy encode N770. 
> I use 770-encoder.pl .
> www.bleb.org/software <http://www.bleb.org/software>
> About Gizmo, you can connect to a Asterisk server you dont need a 
> gizmo account and you dont need to put money to get a gizmo account.
> And the reason why it gets great reviews is that it can do so many 
> things. You just need to learn how to do them. Fortunately we are here 
> to share tips and tricks.
> On 7/5/07, *David Rudder* <drig at noses.org <mailto:drig at noses.org>> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     I'm getting frustrated with my Nokia N800 and I hope someone can help
>     me.  I bought this for a couple reasons, the 2 big ones are for SIP
>     video calling and for playing videos off my MythTV.  I have been
>     totally
>     unsuccessful so far.
>     The media player finds my MythTV server, but it refuses to play any
>     videos.  It turns out that the videos are stored in standard
>     definition
>     format, which the Nokia can't play.  Why do they advertise it's video
>     capabilities if it can't play standard videos?  I'm using a WinTV
>     PVR-500 to record MPEG-4 videos.  They play great on my Linux desktop
>     and my Windows laptop, but they refuse to play on my N800, even
>     though
>     Nokia advertises that it plays MPEG-4.  Can anyone help?
>     I've tried transcoding files to flash, but they look awful and are
>     very
>     choppy.  Not watchable.  I also tried transcoding down to a lower
>     resolution with similar  problems.  At least they play, but what
>     good is
>     a 800x600 screen if the videos have to be 288x160?  And, even
>     then, the
>     fast forward doesn't work and it regularly hangs and the video and
>     audio
>     doesn't sync.
>     One big features that Nokia advertises is the ability to do video
>     conferencing.  Can someone tell me how to set it up so I can
>     conference
>     from my Nokia to my Linux desktop machine?  Apparently, you have
>     to use
>     the Nokia Internet Calling Invitation software, which isn't ported to
>     Linux.  I tried the Windows version on my laptop but it refused to run
>     until I bought a webcam.  There's no support for one-way video with
>     two-way audio?  And, no support for Linux?  *sheesh*
>     Beyond that, I can't seem to get a normal SIP voice client at all.
>     Tapioca doesn't support SIP.  Minisip supposedly works, but the
>     repository is down.  Gizmo supports SIP, but only if you have a Gizmo
>     account.  I'm using Allo.com <http://Allo.com>.  Can someone
>     please, please tell me where
>     to get a SIP client?
>     Is anyone out there having any success with their N800?  So far, I've
>     paid $400 for a brick I can play "pipe panic" on.  Why does this get
>     such great reviews?
>     -Dave
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