[maemo-users] The new N800 firmware (2007SE_4.2007.26-8)

From: Ed Bartosh eduard.bartosh at nokia.com
Date: Sun Jul 8 21:18:36 EEST 2007
On Fri, 2007-07-06 at 13:22 +0300, ext Marius Gedminas wrote:
> Now going through my checklist[4] and reinstalling all the apps.
>   [4] http://mg.pov.lt/770/reflash-n800.html

You might want to look at another upgrade recipe:

It introduces pretty smart method of automatic aplications reinstallation.

It's written in Russian. Below is my poor translation (I hope author wouldn't mind).


How to get upgraded without having PITA reinstalling all your so hard collected software.
by dik

How I've got upgraded:

1. Went to Control Panel/Backup and made full backup.
2. Copied some files(in particular Maemopad+ database) which were in root directory for some reason to my mmc1 card.
3. Saved list of installed applications to the mmc1 card by running dpkg –get-selections > /media/mmc1/soft.txt
4. Flashed new firmware (flashing guide is here: http://internet-tablet.com/main/pereproshivaem-n800-ustanavlivaem-os-2007/)
5. During first boot Installation Wizard recognized backup on my card and proposed to restore it. I couldn't refuse that :)
6. Install xterm(http://maemo-hackers.org/osso-xterm.install) and becomeroot(http://eko.one.pl/maemo/dists/bora/user/binary-armel/becomeroot_0.1-2_armel.deb)
7. Open xterm window, become root: $sudo gainroot and change default root password: #passwd
8. Get our saved list of installed software from the place we put it before: #dpkg –set-selections < /media/mmc1/soft.txt
9. Upgrade according to the selected list: #apt-get dselect-upgrade
10.Application manager displays list of packages to upgrade and asks for my permission: Yes!
11.Packages got loaded in a couple of minutes and installation begins.
   Sometimes licence agreement windows pop up. I agree :)
12.When application installer finished its work (no error messages!) I looked at the menu - all software have been installed successfully except of that which was installed not from repositories.

Everything went smoothly in my case. I wish you the same. Here is my /etc/apt/sources.list:

#maemo:name Nokia Catalogue
deb http://catalogue.tableteer.nokia.com/certified/ bora user
#maemo:name Nokia Catalogue (3rd party software)
deb http://catalogue.tableteer.nokia.com/non-certified/ bora user
#maemo:name extras
deb http://repository.maemo.org/extras bora free non-free
#maemo:name base-repository
deb http://repository.maemo.org bora free non-free
#maemo:name mg
deb http://mg.pov.lt/770 bora user other
#maemo:name FBReader repository
deb http://www.fbreader.org/maemo bora user
#maemo:name GPE Todo
deb http://downloads.kernelconcepts.de/maemo3 bora free
#maemo:name Screen grabber
deb http://tuomas.kulve.fi/debian bora maemo
#maemo:name Claws-mail
deb http://www.claws-mail.org/maemo bora user
#maemo:name Minimo
deb http://home.ufam.edu.br/~agan/minimo/ bora user
#maemo:name Canola
deb http://openbossa.indt.org.br/canola/repository-beta2/bora bora user
#maemo:name Xournal
deb http://www.bgran.net/etrunko/apt mistral user
#maemo:name Minimo
deb http://www.maemo.org.br/minimo/ bora user
#maemo:name maemo-hackers
deb http://maemo-hackers.org/apt bora main

Obviously packages installed not from the repositories nor with .install files can't be reinstalled this way.
I would have to save them somewhere before installation.


Disclaimer: I translated this document in my free time. This is not related to my job in Nokia.

Ed Bartosh <eduard.bartosh at nokia.com>

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