[maemo-users] weird? problem with memory reporting after firmware upgrade

From: Mike Klein mklein at vxappliance.com
Date: Wed Jul 11 01:44:26 EEST 2007
I'll be a good boy and starting visiting bug system from now on.

I updated bug descr to indicate latest firmware still has problem...it
seems fix was applied 2 days before release of firmware (something like
that) so I doubt it is in.

Hopefully this is visual only and doesn't cause errors when you get
close to actual limits.


Neil MacLeod wrote:
> Mike Klein wrote:
>> My memory usage was at 70% after loading all this stuff per control
>> panel. I recalled thinking this was good as I had put damn near
>> everything I wanted and still had breathing room.
>> I check this morning memory settings and I see I'm at 27% usage?!?
> Have you checked bug 1114[1] - it could be what you are describing. From the vague and confusing comments left in the bug by Nokia/Maemo it's hard to say if it's fixed in this firmware or not, but the chances are it's not (I mean, what was?)
> 1. https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1114
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