[maemo-users] Thought on 3rd part applications.

From: Wahlau - wahlau at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jul 12 11:35:45 EEST 2007

on top of this idea, how about the ability of being able to have the
softwares checked in terms of dependencies and such, so that upon
insertion of the internal disk, it would be cross checked and my
previously installed software can be just "integrated" into any
Internet Tablet, provided the model is the same.

then we can even have a tablet at home, and every family member can
have his own disk to use it as they like with their desired

not sure if that makes sense ;)


On 11/07/07, James Sparenberg <james at linuxrebel.org> wrote:
> All,
>    some thoughts on 3rd party applications and space on the n800.  Would it
> make sense to anyone out there to make the internal disk mount as /usr/local
> then format it with ext2/3.  Finally try to motivate packagers into
> installing there packages into /usr/local instead of /usr.  This would mean
> that up to 8GB of applications could be installed on the n800 (baring of
> course ones that have to be in on the / partition.)... then of course if you
> did the same with the external and mounted it as /home...... hmmm...
> James
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