[maemo-users] Thought on 3rd part applications.

From: Christopher Marshall christopherlmarshall at yahoo.com
Date: Thu Jul 12 19:17:16 EEST 2007
  That article you pointed out, 
  is fantastic.  It contains the answers to many questions I had and didn't know where to begin asking.  Thank you so much for mentioning it.
  I think that article should be listed on the wiki how-to page (http://maemo.org/community/wiki/howto).  I wonder why it isn't?  Which page is it currently linked from?
  Chris Marshall

Frantisek Dufka <dufkaf at seznam.cz> wrote:
  Wahlau - wrote:
> Hi,
> on top of this idea, how about the ability of being able to have the
> softwares checked in terms of dependencies and such, so that upon
> insertion of the internal disk, it would be cross checked and my
> previously installed software can be just "integrated" into any
> Internet Tablet, provided the model is the same.
> then we can even have a tablet at home, and every family member can
> have his own disk to use it as they like with their desired
> softwares/applications.
> not sure if that makes sense ;)

Yes and on top of this and previous idea you may just try to boot from 
the card directly (i.e having whole system on the card) which will save 
you a lot of hassle with hacking the system and the result will be more 
robust and totally customizable (i.e. each family member can have its 
own system settings).


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