[maemo-users] RTcomm with freephonie.net SIP account?

From: Laurent MARTIN laurent at gide.net
Date: Thu Jul 19 18:07:38 EEST 2007
Hi (happy) Maemo users!

The new RTcomm package looks really exciting, specially for me cause  
my ISP (Free in France) provides me with a free SIP account  
(freephonie.net domain) which let me call all around the work at very  
low costs. Before RTcomm, I had to use GizmoProject which is a very  
good piece of software (I use it on my Mac too) but maybe a bit heavy  
(specially to load) on the N800. So, yes, RTcomm is exciting for me...
...excepted that I'm not able to use it with my freephonie.net SIP  
account :-/ The account seems to be well set up (the green icon in  
the icons bar should prove that the connection is OK) but when I try  
to ring a "normal" phone in France, the phone never rings... I've  
tried various ways to dial: 3324089xxxx, 003324089xxxx or more simply  
024089xxxx. I've also tried to ring my N800 by dialling from my  
mobile: it's better but absolutely not perfect as the N800 rings but  
when I answer, the mobile does not detect it and I finally get the  
vocal box.

Any clue? TIA.

Laurent, Nantes (FR) - http://blog.lmartin.fr
Apple PowerBook 12"
Treo 650 (unlocked GSM)
Nokia Internet Tablet N800

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