[maemo-users] Flaky connection after upgrade

From: Kalle Valo Kalle.Valo at nokia.com
Date: Thu Jul 19 23:25:35 EEST 2007
"ext Paul Klapperich" <maemo.org at bobpaul.org> writes:

>> Does it mean setting '/system/osso/connectivity/IAP/wlan_sleep_timeout'
>> to 0 is still relevant for those of us which are happy with it ?
> I think it's pretty safe to assume that only the default was changed
> from 1000 to something shorter.

You are correct. See my earlier post in this thread what we changed.

> I would be extremely surprised/upset if the gconf override no longer
> existed.

The gconf overrides are really handy way for us to debug problems or
test different optimisations. I would say that there will more of
these in future, definitely not less.

> 5 is my magic number.

I can't come up any benefit from having 5 ms timeout. Why not not just
enable full WLAN Power Save (by using 0 ms timeout)?

Kalle Valo

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