[maemo-users] my two big fustrations with the N800 - please help me find aworkaround!

From: Mike Lococo mpl22 at cornell.edu
Date: Thu Jul 19 23:38:33 EEST 2007
>> You mention several repositories that don't belong to us [Nokia]. We don't
>> respond of them. We can't and won't stop developers from creating their
>> own repositories.
> Maybe someone can monitor intersting and widely used packages moving it to  
> the extras repo notifying package developer or offering him/her to put  
> package there.

It's much more sensible for the developers to simply put their packages 
in the official repos in the first place (although if you want to 
volunteer to move packages into extras no one will stop you).  The 
problem is that the repos are frustrating to access and use, so folks 
are throwing up their own instead.  It's an often discussed problem on 
the developers list, although I don't recall that any clear conclusion 
has been reached beyond "Nokia is working on making the repos better", 
or that any clear timeline has been laid out for improvements.

It's a problem with wide recognition, though, and I expect Nokia is 
working quietly toward some improvement.

- Mike Lococo

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