[maemo-users] my two big fustrations with the N800 - please help me find aworkaround!

From: Riku Voipio riku.voipio at movial.fi
Date: Fri Jul 20 12:43:03 EEST 2007
Tomas Junnonen wrote:
> I think at least partially it's because there's no carrot being offered
> to the developers. If the Extras repository was included in the
> Application Manager by default, although disabled (as Multiverse is in
> Ubuntu, you can show a disclaimer when enabling it), people would be
> more likely to upload to it:
One extra carrot could be automatically re-installing (with the 
co-operation of backup tool
and application-installer) all apps installed from maemo extras after 
reflashing device.

> - Without some official blessing Extras is just-another-repo from
> developer perspective, with the added downside of not being fully under
> the developer's control.
This is a important point as well. If someone uploads crap or there is any
other problem with maemo extras, there needs to be someone who can be
contacted who can fix the issue right away. No contact via bugzilla or
"anonymous role person" crap.

> - Integrate it with the garage project page! When creating a release and
> uploading files to the project, there should be a checkbox on the
> release page for automagically pushing the packages to the repository.
> If there's any additional hoops to jump through people just aren't going
> to bother. Witness how few people bother listing their software on
> downloads.maemo.org compared to the large number of new releases on
> Garage (which is another discussion, creating a new release on Garage
> should update the downloads catalog automatically).
Very very good idea.

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