[maemo-users] RTcomm with freephonie.net SIP account?

From: Laurent MARTIN laurent at gide.net
Date: Fri Jul 20 14:20:56 EEST 2007
> Do you have a GoogleTalk or other account also setup? Try disabling
> that. I found that if 1 account was connected the icon might still
> show solid green, even though the other account is having trouble.
I've now removed my GoogleTalk account: my SIP account is the only  
one on the N800 but I still can't ring any phone :-/

> If it still shows you're authenticating ok when it's the only active
> account, I would double check things like outbound proxy, STUN, etc.
> Have you tried receiving calls, per chance? If you had it working with
> Gizmo it should work with the same settings in RTcomm... unless of
> course you need TLS or http proxy, which aren't yet supported.
Yes, the authenticating is OK. I've tried to call my SIP on the N800  
from my mobile: the N800 rings but when I answer the call, my mobile  
does not detect I've taken the call and I finally get the voicebox :-/

I don't know exactly what are the specs of my SIP account on the  
freephonie.net domain. What I know is that it works w/o any problem  
using Gizmo on the N800 but I'm not able to know what Gizmo use as  
configuration for my account (it is configured as 2nd account).  
Finally I've removed Gizmo from my N800 to prevent from any  
incompatibility: not better :-(

Any other idea? TIA.

Laurent, Nantes (FR) - http://blog.lmartin.fr
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Treo 650 (unlocked GSM)
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