[maemo-users] my two big fustrations with the N800 - please help me find aworkaround!

From: andrei raevsky raevsky.andrei at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jul 20 17:45:16 EEST 2007
On 7/20/07, Theodore Tso <tytso at mit.edu> wrote:
> why is it
> that 12-year-old Palm technology still better than anything Nokia can
> put out over a decade later?
> And if the Palm Foleo has better PDA applications, it might seriouslly
> threaten the N800; after all, it has built-in keyboard and is only
> $100 more....

I think I can answer this one (and if I am wrong, please correct me): the
Nokia Tablets were never designed to be PDAs.  They have some PDA
capabilities thanks to, if my memory is correct, GPE (or something similar),
but they were *not* intended as PDAs.  You can probably plow a field with a
Ferrari, but it would be better to use a tractor.  And in a decade, Ferraris
will still be mediocre tools to plow fields.

I personally have no use whatsoever for "PDA applications" and I am quite
happy that Nokia did not even try to go down that road.  They created a
fantastic piece of hardware and a rather good OS to run it.  Then they added
some applications and the rest is up to us, the community.  And it seems
that the community does not have PDA functionality high up its list of
priorities and I understand that.

I do not mean to be critical, but you might stick to Palm for PDA like
applications and not expect Internet Tablets to ever even try to match them.


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