[maemo-users] How to download applications to target Nokia-800 device

From: Paul Klapperich maemo.org at bobpaul.org
Date: Sat Jul 21 17:59:33 EEST 2007
If you just want to test the application runs, then it's fine just to
copy the binary. Do the following:

1) Plug your N800 into your computer with USB. Copy the binary to the
internal memory card
2) Install the XTerm application on the device
3) Open XTerm and copy the binary to your home folder ("cp
/media/mmc2/hello_maemo ~")
4) Make hello_maemo executable ("chmod +x hello_maemo")
5) Run it ("./hello_maemo")
When you're with your quick test, you can delete the hello_maemo
binary ("rm hello_maemo")

You can't runn hello_maemo directly off the SD Card because that is
formatted with FAT. FAT is not a Unix file system and does not allow
things like the executable flag to be set.

If you want to test the application properly, you should really build
a package that can be installed with the application manager. Those
instructions are also on maemo.org and are more involved.

Happy Hacking!

On 7/21/07, venkatram mustoor <mustoor.venkatram at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am new to this field and also this is my first mail to the forum.
> I have installed all the required cross compiler tools on my system
> and could compile and execute the binaries.
> Now at first I have compiled "hello_maemo.c" program and executed with
> "./hello_maemo" command.
> now should i copy the binary/executable--- hello_maemo on to my target device.
> if so where and to which location on my target device.
> Regards,
> Mustor.Venkatram.
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