[maemo-users] N800 Case - Still not here

From: James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Date: Sun Jul 22 15:10:55 EEST 2007
Stefan Englhardt wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to see a case with integrated keyboard.
> I've an very old casio pocket calculator which has
> a plastic housing which holds additional keys in
> the housing. You open it like a book.
> So opening the N800 case to the bottom finding a
> thin foil-keybord would help writing emails.
> Another feature would be a wristband on the back
> so I could fix it to the belt or on the bycicle.
> The N800 is too big for the trouserpocket so
> I need some convenient way to carry it. Look at
> the wristband the Garmin Forerunner 201 comes with.
> I use it to fix the device on the bicyle, too.
> The original bag is *dangerous* I can hear 1000s of
> N800s dropping to the floor all over the world ;-)).
> I dropped it three times until I learned to take care.
> It slips away like wet soap.

I agree about the slippery case.  It's great for when I carry my N800 in
my shirt pocket, as it's easy to remove and reinstert the N800. 
However, if it's sitting on the car seat and I have to brake hard, if
the open end is facing forward, the N800 will wind up on the floor. 
Perhaps the reason for that case is to "encourage" people to buy another
N800, after the previous one broke falling out of the case.  ;-)

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