[maemo-users] Flaky connection after upgrade

From: Kalle Valo Kalle.Valo at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jul 23 23:25:49 EEST 2007
ext Frédéric Crozat <fred at crozat.net> writes:

>>> Does it mean setting '/system/osso/connectivity/IAP/wlan_sleep_timeout'
>>> to 0 is still relevant for those of us which are happy with it ?
>> Yes, except that the latest release introduced a new variable called
>> inactive_wlan_sleep_timeout which is used when display is turned off.
>> You would want to change that to zero as well.
> This is great news. Is the inactive display used when screen backlight
> goes off or only when display lcd is turned off ?

I think it's used when lcd is turned off, but I'm not sure about that.
You might want to check it from osso-wlan sources.

> It would be great to add those two settings to osso gconf schema with
> their default value and a description. It would allow easier customization
> with gconf-editor.

Never tried gconf-editor myself, but I'll forward your request.

Kalle Valo

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