[maemo-users] intending to buy a n 770

From: Piotr Zagorowski piotr.zagorowski at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jul 24 20:16:57 EEST 2007

As I suggested, you can probably start with list archive, this is what
I did before I bought my N800. There are also some nice
"presentations" on YouTube.
I think this is Nokia who mainly cares about basic linux distro, being
more exact, there is maemo community supported by Nokia (someone
please correct me if I'm wrong).
As I said, this is really nice device with a lot of potential. However
there are still some features missing, e.g. please have a look thread
about PIM functionality not being implemented very well, it is also
not a GSM/GPRS phone etc.
All after all it is matter of time and learn some basic things to
"personalize" this to one's needs.
I'm currently on business trip and I must say, my new "toy" is doing
great job ;-)

I recommend you

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