[maemo-users] Newbie cannot install osso-xterm

From: Gavin O' Gorman gavin.ogorman at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jul 25 01:40:01 EEST 2007
>  I'll second that.  There's currently a bunch (perhaps 50%) of supposedly
> n800 software at maemo that doesn't install on a fresh N800 because some
> assumed files on the N800 are missing.  Most of these seem to be from the
> same core files, however I was unable to locate much info about these
> missing files at the maemo site -- I gather folks are supposed to be born
> with this knowledge?

I have encountered these problems with a fresh install of OS2006 on
the 770. After enabling red-pill mode (ridiculous procedure) I
attempted to install (all listed on the maemo downloads site) :

openssh from the .install file. "Package not found"

evince: Nothing happens in the Application Manager when the .install
file on maemo.org applications is downloaded. The .install link
defaults to the n800. So I google for evince and download it from the
developer site using the correct install file. It appears to download,
and then I am told "Package not found"

canola: "Unable to install. Installation file corrupted"

Success. Osso-xterm advanced and fbreader install.

Mplayer, installs but then Application manager crashes.

Python 2.4 runtime: "Download failed"
Python 2.5 runtime: "Download failed" and application manager crashes.

At this point I am giving up and going to bed. It is really quite
frustrating. I have some familiarity with the device, I can only
imagine the annoyance of someone who has just bought one.


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