[maemo-users] Newbie asks what is the key to repository access?

From: Paul Klapperich maemo.org at bobpaul.org
Date: Fri Jul 27 21:49:35 EEST 2007
On 7/27/07, D. L. Fuller <dlfuller at clientandfuller.com> wrote:
> Thanks for taking the time to do an explanation using the example
> e2fsprogs package.  I kinda get it after digesting your points, but
> seem to still be missing something.
> I have a 770 running OS 2006 3.2006.49-2.  So following your
> explanation, but instead changing from bora (N800) to gregale for the
> 770, I  find the e2fsprogs deb file at: http://repository.maemo.org/
> pool/gregale/free/e/e2fsprogs/e2fsprogs_1.37-2sarge1_armel.deb

Oh, right. 770. That would also explain why you're having trouble with
.install files. I don't believe they're supported by the 770 (though I
could be wrong.)

> The repository entry in the Application Manger and consequently in /
> etc/apt/sources.list I believe then would be: http://
> repository.maemo.org/ gregale free non-free

Yes. To be clear, you want the following in application manager--
Catalog Name: Anything you want ("Maemo.org" maybe)
Web address:  "http://repository.maemo.org"
Distribution:     "bora"
Components:   "free nonfree"
 You then need to "Refresh application list." Watch for errors. If no
errors, you should be able to install it either with 'apt-get install
e2fsprogs' or with red-pill mode enabled in the application manager.

If you get an error, post the nature of the error and we can work
through it. e2fsprogs has enough dependencies it'd be really annoying
to install manually.

However, in the event you encounter a broken repository in the future,
I did answer the rest of your questions to round out your knowledge.

> Then to find all the Packages available I look in: http://
> repository.maemo.org/dists/gregale/free/binary-armel/ and http://
> repository.maemo.org/dists/gregale/non-free/binary-armel/ and find
> the e2fsprogs package.  Plus I also figured-out the need for the
> armel architecture.
> I still cannot get the e2fsprogs package to load through the
> Application Manager or apt-get install.
> What am I missing?
> As an option could I simply load from a file and still have all the
> dependencies taken care of?

No, if you download the *.deb file manually, you need to also install
the dependencies manually and in the proper order. You can install a
*.deb with the application manager by choosing "Install from File" or
from the xterm using 'dpkg -i file.deb'. You will be told of a missing
dependancy package when you attempt this, or you can look at the
packages file I mentioned earlier to get them all. We really should
work to getting apt working properly, though.

>   Then what about the display features of
> the Application Manager for "installed" and "check updates"?
Any installing any *.deb package, either automatically through apt
(ie, apt-get or the application manager) or dpkg will show up in the
installed apps list. Some packages will only show in red-pill mode,
though, even though they're installed.

Check for updates will check the current 'Application list' for
updated packages. That means you need to successfully refresh the list
before you can look for updates to install.

Remember, let's get apt working as this repository isn't broken, to
the best of my knowledge.


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