[maemo-users] Streaming Music to the N800

From: Dan Dennedy dan at dennedy.org
Date: Sat Jul 28 08:47:17 EEST 2007
On Friday 27 July 2007, Alan Williamson wrote:
> Okay good N800'ers what are my options here.
> My Setup:
> Shed loads of MP3's/Videos sitting on a Linux server with samba running
> at the moment.
> So how can i effectively access those files from my N800?

mp3s just play from regular ol' http just fine in the media player.

> Ideally i would like to mount my share point on the N800; but i have
> failed to do that, and having asked the question in this forum a week or
> so ago, it appears no one else has an answer to that.

There are a number of jukebox web apps. I am using netjuke, which is old. Of 
course, the reliable fallback is directory indexes served up by a webserver.

> So what are my other options?   I am currently streaming it using
> SlimServer, but that is clunky as hell, as i have to have a browser open
> and then connect to a streamed MP3.  

Surely some jukebox web apps will play in the web page with Flash MP3 
streaming. There are even online services trying to make a business out of it 
with tools for syncing--say mp3tunes.com and oboe.

> Doesn't for videos though.

Ah, well, I have found that mp4 files muxed by gpac MP4Box (but not ffmpeg or 
mp4creator) are playing progressive download via http!  If totem browser 
plugin were ported, we'd be stylin' and could embed it in a web app.

$ mp4info n800-2.mp4
mp4info version 1.2
Track   Type    Info
201     video   MPEG-4 Simple @ L1, 54.589 secs, 503 kbps, 320x240 @ 29.97 fps
101     audio   MPEG-4 AAC LC, 54.464 secs, 64 kbps, 32000 Hz

Not as good quality as mp4, but the browser plays .swf files in the browser 
over http, and ffmpeg can transcode to swf or flv.

gallery2 support flash video:

Here is an example:

You can make a script to transcode anything to your desired format. I can give 
you an example.

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