[maemo-users] Streaming Music to the N800

From: Mike Klein mklein at vxappliance.com
Date: Sat Jul 28 11:09:48 EEST 2007
Au contraire... instant on with Windows Connect and WM10? as servers.
This may not be what masses who own N800 have, but I've found Win XP
stable for all but media center (HD) activity.

I own a WM5 8525 phone as well aso a Win box comes in handy!

I'll try Myth tomorrow.


Alan Williamson wrote:
> . . .
> On this journey, it has taught me one thing; this isn't for the faint 
> hearted; setting up this little device to do something as simple as 
> streaming from your music collection is not for the casual user.  This 
> is yet another hole in the N800 armour in terms of mass adoption.
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