[maemo-users] Newbie asks what is the key to repository access?

From: D. L. Fuller dlfuller at clientandfuller.com
Date: Sun Jul 29 20:57:51 EEST 2007
I didn't read your email until just after sending my last reply.

I did remove all mistral repository references from the application  
catalog.  I even tried maemo2.2 in place of gregale.  Like you a  
check of the file URLs seemed correct to me.

The data that is detected during the installation (from the contents  
of http://repository.maemo.org/dists/gregale/free/binary-armel/ 
Packages) also seemed to provide a correct path: "Filename: pool/ 
maemo2.2/free/e/e2fsprogs/e2fsprogs_1.37-2sarge1_armel.deb".  I  
assume this Filename data is added to the Repository name  
(repository.maemo.org) to get the complete path.


On Jul 29, 2007, at 11:44 AM, Paul Klapperich wrote:

> I guess I'd never actually read this e-mail before...
> On 7/25/07, D. L. Fuller <dlfuller at clientandfuller.com> wrote:
>> ... [snip]...
>> The package installation attempts fail with entries like these for
>> all 6 new packages:
>>       Err http://repository.maemo.org mistral/free (package name)
>> 1.37-2sarge1
>>       404 Not Found [IP: 80]
>>       Failed to fetch http://repository.maemo.org/pool/maemo2.0/free/
>> e/ (package name)
>>       /(dependency name)_1.37-2sarge1_armel.deb
>>       404 Not Found [IP: 80]
>> What is happening that causes these packages not to be found?  They
>> are there in repository.maemo.org but with differing paths to their
>> locations.
> I'm really not sure. Do you have 2 repository.maemo.org in your
> Application catalogs? I  went through the
> http://repository.maemo.org/dists/gregale/free/binary-armel/Packages
> list by hand and checked the URL for e2fsprogs and it's 6 stated
> dependencies, and all of them had working URLs for downloading.
> However, since gregale is maemo2.2, they all pointed to /pool/maemo2.2
> If you also had a repository.maemo.org entry pointing to the mistral
> distribution (maemo2.0) it would attempt to pull it's packages from
> /pool/maemo2.0/
> A quick check of all packages in:
> http://repository.maemo.org/pool/maemo2.0/free/e/e2fsprogs/ shows that
> all of these files report 404-file not found. The mistral repository
> appears to be broken, at least for these packages. If you have the
> latest ITOS 2006 edition, you should be using the gregale repository
> whenever possible, anyway.
> A bugzilla bug report or a note to the developers list should  
> probably be sent.
> --Paul

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