[maemo-users] Newbie asks what is the key to repository access?

From: D. L. Fuller dlfuller at clientandfuller.com
Date: Sun Jul 29 23:47:28 EEST 2007
Eureka!  Your Red Pill suggestion did the trick.

> Try enabling Red Pill mode[1] and installing through the Application
> manager. Red Pill will allow e2fsprogs and other packages to display.
> The Application manager should work fine through a proxy.

I had religiously followed the HowTo to use an apt-get install as  
root.  Not the Application Manager.  My assumption was that package  
installs with the Manager would be only as a user and not system  
wide.  That's coming from my Mac OS X and limited Mandriva Linux  

The e2fsprogs package worked as expected (and as root) after the  

I also did use your uncheck the "enabled" box tip with the apt-get  
tribulations.  It does sound like a good idea to continue that "only  
as needed approach" in general to reduce potential conflicts.

> "Temporary failure resolving" refers to dns resolution, as far as I
> know. That means it can't determine the IP address for
> repository.maemo.org. Are you using a proxy? I don't think the proxy
> settings translate over to the xterm. Other causes for this are your
> ISP's DNS server is was broken, repository.maemo.org was broken, or
> you weren't connected to your access point when you attempted this.

No proxy.  No ISP or DNS problems I could find.  No loss of access  
point connection.  I assume everything was fine since I was also  
updating through the Application Manager and browsing  
repository.maemo.org directories at the same time.

Thanks again for all your help.


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