[maemo-users] 2006.49 multiblock write kernel ?

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Fri Jun 1 11:47:18 EEST 2007
Damien Challet wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is there a downloadable patched and pre-compiled kernel for the latest 2006 
> firmware? I could not find anything beyond 2006.39.

The one for 2006.39 seems to work fine. There were no big changes in 
kernel in 2006.49. Here is kernel changelog between .49 and .39 firmware 
(read from bottom)

kernel-source-2.6.16 (2.6.16.rel-osso29) unstable; urgency=low

   * week200648-1 release
   * Allowing user processes to rise their oom_adj value

kernel-source-2.6.16 (2.6.16.rel-osso28) unstable; urgency=low

   * Fixed last fix.

kernel-source-2.6.16 (2.6.16.rel-osso27) unstable; urgency=low

   * The CSD value 3 is accepted. Fixes: NB#32843

kernel-source-2.6.16 (2.6.16.rel-osso26) unstable; urgency=low

   * week200638-1 release

So with older kernel you are missing fix for NB#32843 (internal Nokia 
bug tracking number so we don't know what is this bug about)

Anyway there is kernel based on 2006.49 sources with MMC patches. 
Download link is here in this thread
if your are OK with it. There is one more fix for YUV420 mode used in 
latest mplayer .17 and experimental non-working tearsync code which 
should be harmless unless you enable this feature in mplayer (and then 
it hangs and reboots).

I guess I will eventually upload .49 kernel with mmc patches and add 
this YUV420 fix too but omit tearsync (unless I get it working soon).


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