[maemo-users] thoughts on os2007on770

From: Damien Challet dchallet at onetel.com
Date: Sat Jun 2 15:56:01 EEST 2007
> and what do you think about battery usage ? i feel that os2007on770 eats
> the battery more quickly :-/

It is indeed much faster graphically.

mplayer 770.16 works after pressing twice the full-screen button. So not it is 
not perfect, but it works. 

have you tried to turn the always-connected mode off ?

Nice improvement is to ability to select with a bluetooth keyboard 
arrow+return previously filled in information in text fields (e.g. url).

Problem: I cannot install maemo-mapper because of missing dependencies 
(libosso-help0 >=2.0.9), even the smuckes version. Any clue ?

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