[maemo-users] Google xhtml & mobile reader problems ?

From: Kevin T. Neely ktneely at astroturfgarden.com
Date: Sun Jun 10 05:14:41 EEST 2007
On Sun, Jun 03, 2007 at 09:46:35AM +0000, Anuj Verma (Kevin) wrote:
> I will like to know if more people using xhtml and mobile reader of 
> Google are facing problems to use those on n800. 

Perhaps this is because Google Reader is rolling out an offline feature, allowing the users to read their news, even if not connected to the internet.  That requires a plugin to work, but perhaps there were other changes that affected you.

I never use google reader on my tablet.  I prefer to use ReaderMini, which works fast and well for reading my news items from the nokia tablet.


In Vino Veritas

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